The first thing that will be done by the waitress is to prepare or check the dining table, whether the dining table is located neat, complete and clean so ready for use by guests who have booked the place or not. After the preparation has been done the next thing is to carry out food and beverage with Kitchen Carts in accordance with the existing procedures, usually procedures are done in the restaurant is the same, but still, show the typical restaurant.

1. Make a reservation
Place reservation service is generally done by the guest by calling to the restaurant. This is done to anticipate the full place during peak hours or crowded restaurant

2. Welcome guests
In the service industry, the first impression greatly affects the image of the guests. Therefore a good reception plays a significant role if you know the name of the guest, welcome by way of mentioning his name. Avoid welcoming by asking if you have booked a place or not.

3. Pushing menu to the guest
Thrusting the menu is done by the captain, after placing the napkin in the guest lap, handing the menu should be given first to the female guest, then to the male guest.

4. Record guest order
Some restaurants, the task of registering the guest menu is done by the captain, but there is also a note the menu is the waiter, it is not a necessity of whose duty.

5. Serves food
Before giving food and drinks at the table should a waiter know who will be served first, this is called the flow of service. If the service provided is a formal service, then the order of who will be served first must be considered. Moments after the food is served on the table and guests start eating, the waiter needs to come closer and ask the guests whether everything is appropriate to the wishes and tastes of the guests, the waitress always has to pay attention to the guests who are eating, if they need anything.