Basically, the idea is to put the face of the component together to form the desired face. With the simpsonize yourself creator, you are given a choice of facial components that you can choose from. This facial component is pre-sketched from various parts of the face with simpsonize yourself artists. They are then entered into the database, which is the only one you will choose from. You can choose a face component to make a whole new face, or you can use a guide, like someone’s photo, to form a view.


A very useful thing about this application is that it allows you to upload a photo of yourself as a reference form by creating a background image. Then, you can simpsonize yourself with transparency of the image and place the face of the component from the database to the image. In this way, you can compare the similarities between the components you have chosen with the original face. Even if you don’t find matching face components compared to the original face, you can choose the most similar face component, and edit accordingly. With the scale tool, you will be able to extend or shorten that component to adjust the reference image simply by clicking and dragging. You can also use the opacity tool to increase or decrease the darkness of lines and component colors, which helps highlight certain features.

After you put the shared components together to form a caricature, you can easily delete the background image without affecting it. You can also share one caricature that you have created on the website for others to see. The nice thing about using this simpsonize yourself application is that you can come up with a different look for a particular face. For example, you can create your own caricature and change your hair style from straight and long, to afro. Or you can even give yourself a ‘face of surgery’, try different types of nose for yourself. You don’t give yourself a new look, but you can get ideas about how you will look like with different components. Try one of these simpsonize yourself creator; You might find yourself treating.