In conventional format marketing messages, brands generally have only three to five versions of the message, to be paid promotional materials; in this case, call it example banner ads. But, with a marketing campaign in the form of content marketing, the brand can run communication activities with more than 50 unique content each month or per campaign period. That is, with this model, the brand has a better chance to reach a diverse consumer with the right message for each consumer segment. If you want to know a lot of things related to marketing content, you can visit the website of Alexsander Queiroz Silva.

1 of 3 ads in the paid media category does not work optimally to build public awareness or interest in buying due to various limitations. But with the adoption of content marketing, the brand’s opportunity to improve conversion rates-with benefits such as brand visibility enhancement, reputation strengthening, high inbound traffic, and better search engine optimization (SEO), and enhanced brand presence in social media big.

Still about the diversity of this content, amid the flood of content in cyberspace, consumers are also increasingly strictly controlling the content they consume. So it is very important to understand the content and form of messages that answer their needs and interests. This makes the content diversity in the content marketing program to be superior and offers added value compared to conventional formats.

The next section that makes powerful marketing content to support marketing activities is its clearly measured performance at each stage. Optimizing digital media as the basis for content marketing activities allows us to measure the performance of the content on a regular basis; whether it’s the level of visits, reactions, until the conversion.

With the scalable performance, marketers can make more informed decisions about content and market activity. If recorded less than optimal, it can be repaired or developed immediately; while if it is good, can be recorded and adopted to encourage the part that has not been maximized. The process of learning and developing the data-based channel makes marketers more confident when executing their marketing strategies through content activation in content marketing programs; because they have the opportunity to produce or execute more accurate decision results, as it is supported by clear data records.