Watching movies can now be enjoyed anywhere and at any time because there are now many online streaming services for watching movies. One of those services is soap 2 day, a 24-hour watch service for all the movies you want with various genres.

One of them is watching a horror movie that has a sensation. A somersault of emotions will often be felt when watching certain scenes that make us sometimes scream when ghost figures appear clearly on the screen.

When a terrifying scene is present, our heartbeats fast and breathing becomes fast. At this moment it feels like we can pass out anytime. While others claim that this is a negative thing, watching a horror movie has benefits too.

A study shows that watching a horror movie is beneficial for our health. Films of this genre can improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Even certain films can burn calories up to 200 calories! Here are various other reasons to watch a horror movie good for your health:

1. Watching a horror movie makes the adrenal glands active
The combination of anticipatory tension and danger that arises when watching a horror movie turns out to be useful for arousing senses that are not recognized in the brain, activating the alert response. The increase in energy gained from pumping adrenaline helps to get rid of your stress hormones.

2. Scary scenes can help reduce depression
Adrenaline levels are another reason watching horror films can benefit your health. Those who experience depression will experience a severe decrease in adrenaline levels.

Watching a scary scene surprisingly can make a depressed person feel happier. Feelings of anxiety, despair and sadness are strongly parried to make room for positive hormones.

3. Burn calories and boost the immune system
Because the body’s response becomes active, more energy will burn when watching a horror movie. Besides, watching a horror movie can improve the immune system. After receiving a series of jerks from a tense film scene, the brain gets waves of dopamine, glutamate and serotonin.

These three hormones can help boost the immune system and keep the brain in a strong state. Also, the circulation of white blood cells increases rapidly after watching a horror movie.