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Caring for outward appearance and maintaining ideal body weight is identical to the female world, especially in urban areas. This is why many women are fond of dieting or various slimming programs. Even sports motivation is often associated with the desire of women to get the ideal posture. There are four reasons why women choose to run a slimming program. Ideal body posture and look slim makes many women feel proud. Physical beauty is the first reason women undergo slimming program. Self-satisfaction becomes the end result to be gained. Well-kept physical appearance and slim body are still factors that affect most women’s self-confidence. This is why femininity likes to do various ways to get the ideal slim body. Includes slimming programs that are fast but safe.

In order to gain confidence from his physical factors, women are demanding themselves to be disciplined to live a healthy lifestyle. Such as keeping food, and routinely undergo a slimming program that has been selected. Because only with self-discipline, women can get ideal body posture.