The property developers have some good news after four years of decline. Now the private residential property increase of 5.4 percent that will attract property dealers all over the world. It is because Singapore was known as land and an island that has a scarce commodity. The Amber Park condo located in the popular East Coast or Katong residential zone. This becomes a family-friendly environment that offers the best quality of life. It is a good idea to choose this condo for future investment. If you’re interested, here are the reasons why you should buy these new launch condo.

Reasons You Should Buy New Amber Park

Since the new launch condo is currently under construction, it is a great deal for you who still saving the money for a down payment. They will facilitate buyers with the progressive payment schedule and can be made every few months for installments. You can find a tenant easily to help you pay down the mortgage and loan if you buy an investment property.

You can resell the property after the purchase at a higher price. There is no asset depreciation in the new launch condominium. You have a chance of acquiring a higher profit if you sell the condo before its completion. It is also a great idea to buying the condo that will prevent you from paying commission since the developer will pay it. The developer pays the agency which further pays the agents involved after each successful sale.

If you are very choosy and particular about what you want this condo is ideal. You will have the opportunity to get better views and securing units which will become very valuable in the open market.

That’s all about the reasons why you should buy the new launch condo. Make sure you have to sign up and register to get it for a better future investment.