The caffeine contained in coffee is believed to have many benefits. In fact, there are many people who use caffeine for their facial skin. However, what you must do beforehand is to choose coffee beans that have good quality to be able to get good coffee powder. Good quality buy coffee beans will help you get the best coffee powder.

Coffee is not only to be brewed and enjoyed by drinking, but there are also many ways that caffeine in coffee can absorb perfectly in the body and give a good effect. Many people make coffee powder as skincare or you often find caffeine in some skincare products. Below are some of the benefits of caffeine for facial skin.

1. Reducing Swelling
Caffeine is known to tighten blood vessels. Because of this function, it is possible that applying products containing caffeine can reduce temporary swelling and produce a firmer skin appearance.

2. Making Smooth Skin
Caffeine also functions as a diuretic and makes dehydrated fat cells. This then makes the skin look smoother and tighter. That is why caffeine is also believed to be able to overcome cellulite. Even so, this effect is temporary and is not a long-term solution.

3. Reducing Skin Cancer Risk
Caffeine is known to have antioxidant properties that are effective in repairing skin cells damaged by sunlight. By protecting the skin by exposure to UV light, the risk of skin cancer will also decrease.

4. Reducing Dark Circles in the Eye
Usually, the blood vessels of a person with thin skin will look like a sign of purplish blue. This sign will usually be increasingly apparent when you are sleep deprived or under severe stress. Eye creams that contain caffeine helps shrink blood vessels in the area under the eyes so that they disguise dark circles and swelling in the eyes.

5. Relieves redness
Caffeine is rich in important antioxidants that can prevent or slow down damage to cells. Thus this ingredient can help you relieve inflammation and redness on the skin.