Having a swimming pool facility in a residential complex is a special target for some people. Especially for those who like swimming. Besides being fun, swimming has many benefits for your body’s health. During swimming, your body will burn at least 275 calories per hour. The number of calories is equivalent to cycling and brisk walking. Although the number of calories burned is not very optimal compared to other sports, swimming is a fun sport so that more calories can be burned. Until now, the pond is still considered a luxurious feature of a residence. Some developers even equip the clubhouse with a swimming pool to attract potential buyers.

However, many things must be considered when you have a swimming pool in the home area. No matter the size and budget you have, what is clear is that swimming pools are not always able to increase the selling value of a residence. Because the swimming pool is not an investment requirement, just a facility for an urban lifestyle. Even though there are considerable maintenance costs when you have a swimming pool. So, make sure your swimming pool design can accommodate the needs of all family members. For example, there are wading areas for children and adults. So that the whole family can enjoy these facilities at the same time. However, most swimming pool projects are indeed disproportionately made so that they can be damaged easily and require large renovation costs. Usually swimming pool maintenance costs include water purification, water pumping, cleaning, and chemical treatment. But as technology develops, swimming pool maintenance costs are now more efficient.

Before making a swimming pool, try to consider the installation position, shape, size, and how to make it look proportional to the layout of the house. The last thing to remember, this swimming pool should be designed as an outdoor residential facility and can be used for a long time for all your family members.