Recruitment is the process of finding and binding prospective employees who can meet the planned needs of the organization. If you look at his description, the purpose of the recruitment itself is to meet the needs of human resources by the goals of the organization/company. If you succeed in hiring competent and appropriate human resources, it will be the first key to the success of a company in the future. Here are some effective recruitment steps usually used by dallas recruiting agency.

1. Identification of Labor Needs
Understanding the workforce needs of the company is certainly the first point that needs to be prepared in the recruitment process. This need, for example, comes from the company’s desire to expand its business and requires competent people.

2. Making a Hiring Plan
Once HR knows what the company’s needs are, the next task is to design a hiring plan. The plan in question includes making a job description, and job specification, including planning for the time frame, costs, parties involved during the recruitment process, etc. Good planning can provide efficiencies during the process, especially if you are pressed for time.

3. Candidate Search
In the candidate search process, two methods can be used, namely the Closed Method and the Open Method. The closed method is a candidate search method that is limited to the company’s internal scope. This method can be seen in the example of the promotion of old employees or divisional rotation. The open method is a candidate search method by disseminating information outside the company environment.

4. Candidate Screening
After getting CVs from the candidates, of course, HR must do a screening of who needs to be taken to go to the next process, namely interviews with interested parties in the company.

5. New Employee Interview

An interview or job interview is the easiest process to relate to when you hear the word recruitment. In this process, recruiters and candidates meet and talk face-to-face with the aim of recruiters getting more in-depth information from these candidates.