To paint the house need to pay attention to several things for safety to stay awake. Especially if painting the high part. This is also true when the Painters Brisbane painted high buildings. Even the safety devices needed more and more so that no casualties. The painting process was much more careful for maximum results and hold for a long time. In addition, it takes great guts when painting high buildings. The main requirement is that the painter should not be afraid of heights, especially when he has to paint the skyscrapers.

Meanwhile, there are many other tools used to maintain the safety of the painter.

– Helmets
Helmets made of a special plastic that inside there is a ‘shell’ which has a distance to the inner wall of the helmet. It is intended when an impact against the helmet with a hard object, it does not have a direct impact to the head.

– Safety Shoes
These safety shoes are often regarded as trivial by the workers in the field, but it is only because these shoes are the feet of the workers get nailed that often exist around the project. Also, safety shoes have the power of the insulator against the electric current to electric currents that can save the worker was electrocuted.

– Safety belt
This is the most important thing keeping the safety of workers from injury due to falls from heights, where the device is intended when workers work on Steger or scaffolding or inside the gondola train on the outside of the building (exterior) story buildings high.

– Gloves
Gloves may serve to prevent spills or melts of the solvent paints on the hands of the worker, which is exposed to direct contact with the skin may result in irritating pain which is painful and hot.

– Safety glasses
Safety glasses are made of plastic material is rubbery and not easily broken. The purpose is to protect the eyes of other objects that can harm the eyes

– Masks
This tool serves to protect the respiration and mouth from dust and dirt if doing the work of the surface erosion of the object with the engine grind or sanding surface of the object to be painted.