Have you ever been in a situation of having to leave your house empty while other occupants did not have a duplicate house key? You will certainly be faced with the choice of whether to lock the house or even leave the house without being locked at all? As a way out, you can actually make secret storage for your home key. that way, you don’t need to be confused when you have to face the situation. You can keep a key in a secret place such as under a doormat, in one of the plant pots, or even in an air vent. It’s just that, this place certainly has been known by many thieves. So it’s not safe. If this is the case, a minimalist house or a luxurious house can be the target of anyone. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to call Locksmith Dublin to open the locked door of your house that can’t be opened normally.

For that, follow a few tips on making a secret storage place for your home key.

Installation Cable

You can make a key storage area that is only known by the home of your home. Try to make a fake installation cable in your home. try to make it from the pipe. In the center of the cable installation, is it as if the chart was screwed very tightly. In fact, the screw has been cut so that the house key can be inserted into it.

Air duct

Make fake ventilation channels to store your home keys. how to make a fake grid. In the corners, the screws are tight, so the grating can be fitted with magnets. The goal, so that later the nut on the wood can pull the lattice lid which is made of metal.

Down the cupboard

The bottom of the cupboard will usually have empty space, this is usually made by the creator of the cupboard so that the closet does not come in direct contact with the wall. You can use this space. Try removing the bottom of the cupboard, then modifying it. You can create a door that only you know the joint to store the key under the cabinet.