The use of SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) is a very important role for all businesses who want to be known in online media. Especially for online stores that sell some or one specific product type. SEO will make it easy to find by potential customers. It will directly increase sales and be sustainable without continuing to spend on advertising costs. The use of such techniques is like a competition, who has the best stance will be on the first page of google search. Learning it also took years to be able to apply Shopify SEO services is comprehensive and high-powered leverage. Even some business professionals prefer to leave this section to experienced experts. If the professional SEO experts will certainly lead you to the technical things that must be known. Like when uploading products in online stores. Starting from image size, description, image title to placement of title and product description.

Customize the desired keywords; The best title is that contains the keyword. No different from article content or anything else, the use of product titles is also strongly recommended to contain keywords. For example, the products sold are men’s trousers. Use titles that contain the words “men’s trousers” and so on. Make a name simple and easy to understand; In addition to dealing with SEO techniques regarding keyword placement, the title should also be easily understood and understood by potential customers. Use simple words so as not to make people confused about the type of product. If necessary write down the specific products sold.

Avoid using product code at the beginning of a name; Product code is easy for us when there are buy transactions on the Website online store. But if used in excess it makes SEO techniques do not work well. It’s better to put the title on the product image than in the title. Perform keyword variations to get more targets. Keyword variations are also often needed to reach a broader target audience. Sometimes we are too targeted keywords on a very specific thing that can not explore more deeply. Suppose you use the keyword “men’s training pants” but also sell women’s training pants. We also recommend using the keyword “training pants” only.