Clogged drains can be an annoying problem. To fix it you will need to call how much plumbers make per hour. Well, it turns out that the way to deal with clogged drains can use simple ingredients from the kitchen. Check out the steps so you can do it yourself at home. Clogged drains, both in the dishwasher and in the bathroom, can occur at any time. You don’t need to worry! Usually, this happens because of dirt stuck in the drain pipe. Well, to overcome this, you can clean it with some simple ingredients in the kitchen.

Want to know what materials can overcome clogged drains? Launching from many sources, there are 5 simple ingredients that you can use to overcome clogged drains.

1. Use a Mix of Baking Soda and Vinegar

The first way to deal with clogged drains, you can use baking soda mixed with vinegar. Here are the steps:
a. Start by pouring a cup of baking soda down a clogged drain.
b. Then, flush with 2 cups of boiling water and let sit a few minutes.
c. Then, pour back the baking soda that has been mixed with vinegar. This mixture will cause foam
d. Finish by rinsing the drains with boiling water until they are free of scum.

2. Take advantage of kitchen salt and hot water
If it’s still not enough, try how to deal with clogged drains with salt. This step is quite powerful. The method:
a. Use half a cup of salt.
b. Then, pour it into a clogged sink drain.
c. Rinse using 2 liters of boiling water
d. End by flushing the pipeline with running water. Repeat several times until you feel the water channel is smooth.

3. Clean with Dish Soap
Dishwashing soap can also be used in the process of dealing with clogged drains. It is fairly easy. You can simply pour liquid dishwashing soap into a clogged bathroom drain or sink. Then, rinse with boiling water. It is recommended, to do this once a week, so that the water lines are clean.