Especially for novice or advanced photographers, especially if they want to try fotografo profesional, in order to produce a good image, it will take a long time and also quite a lot of effort. Lots of pictures from reliable photographers that are simple but can look so beautiful and impressive. While it’s not easy, that doesn’t mean you can’t create equally beautiful images. Here are some simple techniques that you can use to produce great images even with just household equipment.

You can find a variety of easy tricks to make photos as cool as professional photographers but in a simple and quite unique way.

Giving Bokeh effect with Laptop
Producing images with a bokeh effect is fairly easy. Especially if you want to produce a macro bokeh effect. It takes patience and also a lens that is quite capable to be able to get images with macro bokeh. Well, especially for those of you who are beginners and tend to not have a capable lens, you can still produce this effect using only a laptop. The method is quite easy, the first thing you can do is look for macro bokeh photos on the internet at high resolution. After that, open the macro bokeh photo the size of your laptop screen (as a screen background) and place an object in front of it. The result is not much different from the image of a reliable photographer.

Using Plastic Bags for Super Smooth Close-up Photos
Without maximum lighting in the style of a photo studio, it’s impossible if you want to produce close-up photos that are very smooth and also cool. However, Evans broke this opinion. Through his video, Evans only needs to use a white plastic bag to produce a self-portrait that is no less cool than a photo in a studio complete with professional lighting. When you want to use this trick, you must first activate the flash feature on your camera. After activating, partially cover the flash with the pre-developed plastic. Then, the resulting photo is the same as a close-up photo in a photo studio with a very smooth image.