An electrical short circuit is a natural thing that can happen at home. The causes are varied and of course very common. One of them is an improper installation by someone without nen 3140 vp training. In situations like this, the MCB switch will usually go down as the first security automatically in the event of an electrical short. The losses that can be caused by short-circuited electricity do consist of two main points, namely causing danger or not. This is the main way to detect when there is a short circuit or electrical short in the house.

If there are danger signs such as sparks, you can use a household fire extinguisher to deal with them, but if there are no danger signs such as only a power failure, Pins can start looking for the main cause. An electrical circuit breaker that occurs due to a short electrical circuit is called an MCB. This Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is an electrical device that has the function of opening and closing electrical contacts that are supplied to the dwelling.

If there is a short circuit at home, usually the MCB will automatically go down. However, the first way to do this is to make sure the MCB is in a down or down switch state. This is useful for eliminating the flow of electricity that flows in the dwelling. This is why the role of the MCB is quite important in electrical protection in residential areas.

The next step as a safe effort in the event of an electrical short is to unplug the electric currents that lead to the socket. How deal with a short circuit at home is a precautionary measure. A direct power outage can damage some electronics. In addition, try not to do massive electrical plugging in one socket outlet as in the picture above. This can be dangerous and is often the cause of short circuits. How to overcome this electrical short tends to be very simple, isn’t it, but sometimes many still ignore it.