Battery trolling motors are not widely known by ordinary people. The power is similar to a car battery. That is why there are several things that must be understood before buying a battery motor. You have to understand which batteries are for trolling motors and for cars. So you buy a battery according to your capacity and needs.

As explained earlier, battery trolling motors are different from cars. Can batteries be installed in trolling motors and cars? Do battery trolling motors have more power so that the car’s battery is inadequate if installed in a boat or boat? These questions are often heard, especially from customers who have not understood the difference. Even worse if the seller also doesn’t know it. The thing to worry about is buying a car battery to install on a boat. To find out more, we provide the following review:

– Size
Before buying a battery, you should check its size. You have to consider whether battery trolling motors have enough space on your boat. Also, consider whether you will move it often or not. If the battery is often moved, then you need a small battery. Especially if your boat is also small. But if you have a bigger size boat, then a large enough battery can be installed permanently. Because the larger the size of the battery, the more difficult it will be to move.

– Ampere Hour
The function of this ampere-hour to see how long batteries are trolling motors can be used. This should not be negligent when purchasing. You need to check how many amperes you need per hour and how many amperes hour you have in one battery. Then you will be able to calculate how long the engine will run. In addition, it should be considered that many battery brands measure the ampere-hour level for different temperatures.

CCA stands for Cold Crank Amperes. This component is one of the important things to consider when buying battery trolling motors. CCA can tell how much battery power can be fully charged when it is cold. In addition, CCA can provide clues about how strong the battery is when used as a starter battery.