Many people today tend to be free to capture the information. Incorrect capture of information can be fruitful to be less good cellogica stem cell technology. If this is associated with facial care, then surely we have a lot to find the right information about facial care. There are some myths in facial care that actually do not have much impact on facial quality. Here is a summary of some facts and myths about facial treatments that are adapted from several sources.

In some articles on skin health, you may have read that washing your face as often as possible is an effective step to prevent acne from appearing. That’s just a myth. The fact that there is a layer of facial skin already has its own setting on how to protect its cells from outer impurities. The body will produce oil that will help coat the skin to protect from the outside. If you tend to overuse in washing your face, then the skin layer will be more vulnerable to unprotected. Wash face as necessary, this will help you to get a clean face without having to have a risk for acne. Remember, the skin already has its own protection mechanism. To reinforce skin care naturally, you should try our latest technology that is cellogica stem cell technology.

Furthermore, there is certainly, of course, heard that acne will decrease with age. This is a myth that needs to be corrected. Research shows that acne has nothing to do with age. The most important factor is about the lifestyle of a person. Maintaining a good diet, diligent facial treatments and some other things related to maintaining skin health is the most important factor a person can be free from acne. Because in fact, not infrequently there are people aged 25 years and over still struggling with acne problems. In the end, there are many things that should be evaluated as to how the person’s habits affect the problem of acne. That’s the facts and myths about skin health. At least now you know that there are things that are just the opposite of the facts. Caring for facial skin is important enough for you who care about appearance. Confidence will increase if you have a clean face and free from blemishes. Begin diligently to perform facial skin care so you can get maximum results. Regular and consistent is the key so you can get optimal results and as you wish.