Soapstone countertops in dallas is a remarkable, natural material that carvers and builders throughout the centuries have used to great effect. In years past, soapstone was used as the material for ornately carved statues and temples. Tables, bowls and cooktops were created by builders throughout the centuries. Today, designers and craftspeople use slabs and blocks of soapstone to create magnificent soapstone countertops and soapstone fireplaces, as well as sinks, mosaic tiles and cookware. There are several reasons why soapstone is a popular material for construction and home decoration today.

Soapstone countertops in dallas is extremely stain resistant. When you create a soapstone countertop, this quality is a very attractive feature, especially if the countertop is in a heavy-use area of the home such as a kitchen or bathroom. Natural acids found in wines and citrus juices can harm other types of surfaces, but soapstone remains impervious to these substances. Just a simple wipe with any common household cleaner, and your soapstone countertop will be clean and sparkling once again.

Another quality inherent in soapstone that makes it perfectly suited to countertops and fireplaces is that soapstone does not burn. Composed largely of talc and magnesium, soapstone is naturally flame retardant. Your soapstone countertops in use in your kitchen will not be harmed if you put a hot pot of marinara sauce or jam down on the counter surface.

On a related note, soapstone fireplaces are very fuel conscious to use and easy to clean because they retain heat so well and completely burn the fuel being used in the fireplace. You can burn almost any variety of fuel in a fireplace crafted from soapstone, and because the fireplace burns so hot the fuel will be in essence completely eradicated. There is no lingering ash, soot or smoke for you to have to clean and dispose of, thus making for an easy-to-maintain fireplace that provides a healthier environment in your home or office.