Today’s modern society is close to Technology that makes a number of companies continue to innovate to create new technologies. With so many new technologies emerging in the community. But with the presence of new technology does not mean all the people then like it. Because there are also some technologies that eventually have to fail on the market. Like the following technology row which apparently failed in the market.

Windows Phone

Microsoft has tried its luck by creating a smartphone called Windows Phone. But unfortunately, the smartphone just had to fail on the market. Sales Windows own OS is very small when compared with sales of the iPhone and Android. Many consumers much prefer Android and iPhone, this is what makes this technology eventually failed in the market.


At that time, DVDs were popular among people, especially in Indonesia. But in fact, there is a much higher version of DVD convinced HD DVD. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of it, because consumers assume that both things are the same. The result, HD DVD was not too successful in the market. Even the existence of HD DVD is forgotten in the community.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The number of cases exploded on the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is making this product eventually failed in the market. This product is like a bomb ready to explode. Even the incident has happened everywhere and proves that this one Samsung product has failed.


Do you remember Clippy? Yes, this one feature resides in Microsoft Office before 2007. Clippy is a fairly large paper clip present in Microsoft Office. Sometimes, this Clippy asks something unnecessary to ask. The existence of this great animation has disrupted the concentration of Microsoft users but favored by children. This feature was finally lost just like that and failed in the market