If you find it difficult to clean the tiles in your home, you can try recommended site services. Tiles are used as a home base that can provide both beauty and comfort. Not only used in the bathroom, some homes already use tiles in other rooms in the house. If you are one of those who have used tiles in several rooms at home, you may often encounter the following problems:

1. Mushrooms. The poor quality of ceramics that easily absorb water and humid temperatures are the main factors causing our tile floors to get moldy. Mold on tiles is not only found in the bathroom but can also be found in rooms that have access to water such as the kitchen.

Solution: Make a mixture of a spoonful of crystalline powder and water in a small bucket. Use a sponge and dip it into the crystal solution we made earlier. Then, rub in one direction on the moldy ceramic. If the mushrooms are stubborn, increase the dose of crystalline powder in the solution to two spoons.

2. The tile is detached, due to an immature installation process or the use of old tiles.

Solution: Replace with new tiles. Use the correct measure of the sand and cement mixture before installing it. Do not forget, pay attention to the structure of the building and the shift of land in our homes.

Tip: Prevent scratches on ceramics by choosing the right cleaning tool. And, the simplest way is to sweep and mop the tile floor using a mop or polyester sponge. Why? Because the use of polyester mops allows us to directly mop without having to sweep the floor first, while sponge mops have the advantage of being soft and relatively inexpensive.

3. Color fade. Usually, this problem is caused by liquid stains spilling onto the tiles or the use of cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals.

Solution: For tiles or ceramics with a gold or silver finish, simply wipe with a damp cloth. If you want to use a cleaning liquid, make sure the product we use contains chemicals that are not too harsh and even better if they have a color protection agent.
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