One of the worst parts of having a beautiful ceramic floor is the emergence of mold stains on ceramic grout. This type of stain is very easy to arise if the ceramic is applied in the bathroom or other wet locations. If left unchecked, it will thicken and reduce the beauty of ceramics. Contact the fresh healthy carpet cleaning immediately who can clean stained ceramics and grout.

Fortunately, to clean the fungus stains is not too difficult. The main tool that you must prepare is a small special brush. If you don’t have one, a toothbrush can be a substitute. The point is, you have a small device that can reach a narrow place so that the ceramic surface doesn’t have to be rubbed.

Here are some ways you can apply to clean your tile floors:
First, the conventional or generally done way to clean ceramic stains is to use chlorine bleach. The brush is dipped in chlorine liquid then rubbed on the mildew stain.

In the first rub, let the chlorine soak through the stain, then you rub it firmly until it’s clean. When done, you can smear the baking soda and water solution in the rubbing marks. This method is effective for removing the smell of chlorine.

The last step, mop the floor and make sure the floor doesn’t have any cleaning liquid left. When doing this activity, also make sure your window is open or a well-ventilated room.

Next, this is the step you can take if the mold stains are extremely difficult to remove. For cleaning fluid, use a special cleaner for ceramic stains and choose the one with the strongest clean power.

The problem you encounter, strong cleaners on average contain dangerous chemicals. So make sure you are careful when you use it.

For protection, use rubber gloves and eye protection to be safe. Also, make sure the windows and doors are open so that air flows smoothly. If you feel that it’s not enough, you can use a fan so that the chemicals are quickly swept away.

How to use special cleaning fluid to be effective when used is to apply the liquid to the fungus stains, then let it soak for 45 minutes. Afterward, rub the stain again with cleaning liquid strongly.

When the above process is complete, clean the floor mop and make sure there is no chemical liquid left. Also, do not let someone enter a room that has been cleaned before the floor is completely dry.

Lack of this technique, bleach usually contains toxic substances and their use can release harmful chemicals into the air. Its use will eventually make the color of the ceramic slightly changed.
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