Special Inspector has job duties to make sure a construction project running well. They usually monitoring and checking the worker and the materials are following the relevant codes, specifications, and plans. So they need to hire a qualified or certified special inspector in during the construction process. Special Inspections in Upland CA also conducted by a professional engineer, architect or even the building inspectors.

If you are interested to start a career as a special inspector, here are some qualifications for structural steel you need to know.

Structural Steel Qualifications of Special Inspections in Upland

1. Structural Steel – Welding

Special inspections in Upland CA for structural steel welding need the education, experience and certifications requirements, such as Structural steel special inspector must have current AWS or American Welding Society certifications as Certified Associate Welding Inspector knew as CAWI and CWI or Certified Welding Inspector, certified welding and structural steel inspector by ICC.

2. Structural Steel – Nondestructive Testing or NDT

Special inspector for Nondestructive Testing need minimum education and experience, it should be certified by ASNT or known as The American Society of Nondestructive Testing in Level II. The special inspector also needed 120 hours minimum training and testing experience.

3. Structural Steel – High Strength Bolting

High strength bolting special inspector should comply one of the education and certifications requirements, such as special inspector should be registered and professional architect and engineer, high school and technical school with a minimum of three years relevant experience and also verified Bachelor Science of Degree in Physical Science, Architecture and Engineering. They should have current American Welding Society certifications and certified Structural and Bolting Special Inspector by ICC or International Council Code.

You should prepare the document if you want to be a special inspector for Structural Steel. That’s all about Special Inspections in Upland CA qualifications you should know.