How not, the industrial concept is an unfinished design that is usually experienced by old buildings or semi-finished buildings that are hampered by the process. One of the hallmarks of the industrial-style design can be seen from the walls with unfinished conditions. The form can only be in the form of an accent wall with a choice of neutral colors such as gray or included in one of modern luxury wallpaper. But uniquely, along with the times, people seem to be bored with monotonous interior styles, so the industrial concept is present as an alternative design. In other words, the industrial concept has the attraction of the characteristic strength inherent in every detail of the room ornament.

In addition to the walls, the industrial concept is also seen on the unusual floor. If in general, the room uses ceramics or parquet, for the industrial concept of floor material it uses basic materials such as raw concrete, tiles, oxy, Newport, Rhin, plant, and others. The first step is to look for industrial-style design inspiration from historical buildings. Historic buildings usually have an old concept that has high creative value. The walls of old buildings usually consist of bricks, wooden roof trusses, and steel columns without drywall wrapping. Accessories in industrial concepts such as metal artwork or furniture. It can be new metal or an old one. However, usually, to make the industrial impression stronger, the type of metal used is outdated. Other building materials that are also used for this concept include pipes.

Indeed, to create an industrial-style room, you are required to be creative with used furniture at home. Makeovers or fiddling with used furniture and accessories can produce beautiful and new-looking combinations. For example, as shown in the kitchen design shown in the picture, it shows a combination of new accessories with old ones. You can see it on this kitchen set table. The legs on the table are made of cabinet legs or push tables made of other furniture.