For women having an ugly hairstyle will be a bad day. Because the appearance becomes a part that must be maintained throughout the day. Not only that, the appearance of hair is also something that must be maintained properly. Not only make-up but also hair that became an asset for the women who lately even love to be given a color or modified to look attractive, shaped so they have a fashion style that supports how they wear make-up. Hairstyling often invites admiration, how not? Starting from Jazz, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) to indie music festivals to local and international concerts. It seems more and more music festival can be visited in 2017. If you want to come to one of them and also want to document it, there’s nothing wrong if you change your hairstyle first to look more stylish. By using Brands of hair straightener irons then you will find stylish hair styles.

Unicorn Hair, maybe among you just heard that this hairstyle is suitable for the hippie-themed festival or held during the day. Unicorn Hair a la Hyo Yeon can you make reference. Afraid of damaging the hair because the process of bleaching to produce color? Hair Chalk can be your choice! In addition can be lost only by shampooing using shampoo, using hair chalk can also free you to be created using a variety of colors. Burn it up, hairdo the following be the main choice to attend your favorite music festival is not it? In addition to easy, the high bun can save you from overheating because fun to enjoy the song being played. Making high bun is very easy. First for your hair into two parts, then trim and tie as high as possible. After that turn your hair into a circle. Finally, trim the hair out with a bobby pin.

Bradi Ponytail. For those of you who like a hairstyle that can make a younger appearance, hairdo above can be an option. Owners of hair and short hair can also try this one hairstyle. Just like a hair bun, the first step ties your hair high, next braided hair with a branded model.