Your child can already crawl! Not only as a sign he has become bigger, crawling is also beneficial for the baby. There are several crawling benefits for babies that you need to know. These various benefits, of course, be a sign that you need to give them a stimulus to crawl. But before that, make sure that you use the best baby safety gates to keep your child safe.

1. Physical development

Movement of the feet and hands while crawling can help prepare the baby physically. This will help the baby in the process of walking, running and jumping in the future. Crawling can help rough muscle skills. In addition, it can also help fine motor skills such as by strengthening small muscles in the body such as hands and fingers. This will help the child be able to perform small movements such as chewing and writing with a pencil.

2. Spatial understanding

Crawling can help babies understand the concept of the layout. The child will understand how to get to a place with a more efficient path. The child will also learn how to move with the condition of the surrounding environment. This understanding can make children can defend themselves and solve problems in the future.

Crawling is one of the long-awaited baby developments because it is a sign that the baby is ready to walk. You can do various stimulus to help baby crawl. Before teaching it, you need to know the guides and how to teach the baby to crawl. In general, the baby will start trying to crawl at the age of 6 to 12 months. Each baby has a different developmental stage. The ability to crawl begins with a baby who can prone. However, you do not need to panic if your child does not crawl but walk right away. Some children do not start learning to walk by crawling. Usually, they immediately learn to sit and then straight up. No crawling is right and wrong. Every baby has their own way to crawl and have a way to get started. Some children crawl by using their knees, crawling backward, crawling on one foot and others. Some babies may also start crawling with rolls and other movements that seem to want to lift their body.