If the wooden house and the wall house are built with the same budget, the selling price of the wooden house will be higher because the materials used for the wooden house can be chosen the best and the facilities that come with it are more complete. Another advantage of a wooden house is that it can be an investment. This is considering the existence of increasingly scarce wood and currently many wooden houses with a knock-down system, the selling price of wooden houses can increase as long as they are properly processed and cared for. Moreover, the trend of greenhouse greenhouses with one man and a brush is developing so that the value of wood can be lifted.

You need to be aware that termites are the main enemy of wood. In an instant, termites can eat all the walls of the house. If this is not handled immediately, of course, a porous house will be dangerous for its occupants. Due to the many factors that cause the wood to break down quickly, the maintenance will be more complicated. This form of wood treatment includes painting, insect control, temperature control, and others. Therefore, choose a good quality paint to overcome this problem. Maybe you have imagined the color you want. However, sometimes the results don’t exactly match expectations. Therefore, you should try the color a little on one part of the wall first before painting it completely. Also, consider the light factor and test the colors day and night so you can see how the colors look in different situations.

When you are busy painting the walls, it doesn’t mean that we are putting aside the remaining paint. For wall paint, you should cover the plastic on the top of the can before closing it tightly, and for oil paint mix 1 inch of water before storing.