Michael Kors Jet Set tote included in 10 best leather tote. This series has 32 different colors. Jet Set tote become the most favorite series for everyone. Top-Zip model is chosen by Michael Kors for this leather tote. Brand Michael Kors well-known by its character that using Saffiano leather for their materials.

Jet Set tote has a simple design, yet very elegant. In this series, they have added some mini pockets and ornaments like Michael Kors’ logo. As already written before, this leather tote use Saffiano leather as the materials.

Saffiano leather included in top grain leather. Top grain leather is the middle grade of leather used but actually, top grain leather becomes the first choice as the materials for totes and other bags. This is because top grain leather is softer and more flexible than others. This type of leather also lighter, so it will be more comfortable.

This 15x10x5inch bag still looks small for some people. Michael Kors also added some mini pockets inside Jets Set tote series. Mini pockets on the inside will help the user to organized their belongings. This series also produced 32 different colors that make the customers get a lot of options and also can be used as collectibles.

As we all know, Saffiano leather is top grain leather that has a very good quality. Therefore, the price offered was also not inexpensive. This totes’ price offered is around $248. This price is not inexpensive for a simple tote. Other than because of the middle-grade leather, the price offered quite expensive is also because Michael Kors is carrying their name and prestige. Surprisingly, actually, this tote is not as big as it looks. The style of the Jet Set tote is designed to be larger and enough to hold a lot of stuff.