Track record or track record is the main thing that needs to be seen. The track record in question is how the quality of their products, how their products are spread throughout the world, how their production capabilities are, and of course how their companies try to meet internationally defined standards for medical devices or laboratory equipment. Apart from that, you may contact the best provider of microbiology equipment whenever you need the best medios de cultivo for your store.

The track record can be seen from when the company started to stand, of course, our assumption is that the longer the company stands, the more experience and development they do.

Product Details

After learning the track record of the brand, of course knowing product details is also important.

For example, if you want to find Principle for a centrifuge, of course, you need to know the details of the product the principle has, such as the maximum speed, then the capacity to process the sample (Throughput), how to install it.

Even for things that are more detailed such as materials used, size of equipment, training services for distributors, and others.

Special Distributor

Now, this is also a pretty important part, after everything is suitable and appropriate, another thing to note is your specificity as a distributor.

Do you understand the point? Okay, we make an analogy.

If from the centrifuged product, it turns out that there are already several or even many who have become distributors in certain countries or regions, of course, your competition for the centrifuged product is very high.

Principle A has a Centrifuge B product, which turns out that in some countries, there are 3 to 4 distributors including you.

With the same product, of course, competition will be very high, so it requires a special marketing strategy.

Well, we can avoid this if we get a direct appointment as a Special Distributor.