Cimex lectularius is a louse that usually inhabits a mattress or a human sofa. This louse drinks blood from warm-blooded animals (like humans) as a source of energy. To be able to live and breed well, this louse lives in the habitat with a temperature of 21-26 degrees Celsius. bed bugs are insects that are quite “stubborn” because they still survive if there is no blood, or if it is at temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius by becoming more passive in the movement. To kill bed bugs, you can use the best steamer for bed bugs.

Adult ticks can reach 0.5 cm in size and are dark brown. In females, they can remove as many as 300 eggs for the rest of their lives. This white lice egg will stick to the surface of the bed and it is difficult to detect if the surface of the mattress is light as well.

A dirty environment does not always signal the existence of bed bugs. They can stay in a dirty and clean bed. Bed bugs also tend to be in beds that are usually inhabited alternately, like a bed in a hotel. With its flat and small body, they can move quickly from one place to another.

Although it does not cause serious problems, and although bed bugs are not the host of other diseases, the reactions that the body produces when bitten are usually bumps. This highly itchy swell will also heal quickly within a week after the application of an antihistamine cream as a drug allergy. In some cases, there are people who experience reddish patches on the skin, even a watery bump. Another case is the appearance of an infection when the bump is carded. This more acute case can be cured by administration of antibiotics by the medical personnel concerned. Most of those who have been bitten by bed bugs do not cause any allergic reactions.

However, it turns out bed bugs can slowly degrade the quality of life of a person. A person bitten by this tick will experience discomfort during sleep, lack of sleep, anxiety, and shame. In addition, according to health experts, the stress caused when bitten by bed bugs turned out to have an effect on one’s health in controlling his emotions, and reduce the welfare of one’s life.