Although keeping Best Beabull Puppies for Sale or cats both provide benefits, namely providing happiness and improving mood to stay cheerful, the effects given by dogs and cats can be different. There are two studies on the different benefits between dogs and cats.

A book author who is also a veterinarian, says the love and closeness to dogs has an impact on the happiness and longevity of their owners. According to him, just petting your favorite dog can improve your mood. After 1-2 minutes of petting a dog, the body can produce positive hormones for the body, namely dopamine, and serotonin. Some studies explain that having a pet dog can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and the risk of heart disease.

Just like dogs, cats also make us happy, but until now there is little research. In one study, when you feel happy when you pet a cat, your stress levels are reduced. The cat owner’s blood pressure will be lower. This is different from research from the University of Minnesota, which revealed that people who do not have cats have a 40% risk of having a heart attack.

What if you like dogs or cats but are allergic?
You may really like this four-legged animal, be it a cat or a dog. But it turns out you have an allergy to them. Maybe when you touch a dog or cat, your skin becomes itchy, your eyes suddenly turn red, or you suddenly sneeze. However, if you love and decide to keep this pet, you can do the following:

• Do not allow dogs or cats into your room or play on the sofa or other seating area.
• Clean furniture with a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter and use a HEPA air purifier to kill fleas.
• Ask someone, a friend, partner, or family member who doesn’t have allergies to clean your pet regularly outside.
• Bathe pets once a week.
• Talk and consult with your doctor about the management and treatment of allergies you have.