The public relations department should have a good relationship with the media crew. The Franchise Public Relations and media will always be in contact. Especially if there is a recent development of the way the organization is certainly the media crew will be involved. For that public relations plays a role in managing relationships with the media. PR should work together with the media to be able to broadcast the development of an organization-wide. Thus, the name of the organization that is managed will be more familiar with many people.

Searching for the company activities

Professional PR professionals sometimes involve themselves in an active design bring the brand organization. This kind of thing will certainly increasingly give a positive influence on the image of the organization. Many organizations sponsor sponsored Olympic class activities. Obviously, this is also part of the organization’s activities to be better known to the wider community. So the organization can develop into the characteristics of medium-sized enterprises.

Managing Social Media

Social media is currently a lot of loved ones. Social media is the most familiar with our daily life. Social media is also a means for public relations to be able to encompass a broader and more complex mass line. With the support of technology and a stable Internet, the network would make a Social media akum to be managed is not difficult. A fan page on twitter or facebook will help the public relations department to better interact with users of the virtual world. Therefore we must maximize social media wisely so that the image and positive character of the organization that is managed will be more acceptable to the public.

Knowing and Evaluating Public Opinions

Often public opinion is led to negative issues will bring adverse impact on the image of an organization. Therefore, the public relations department has an important role as a party that must know, issue issues are growing and warm conversation, especially related to the organization being managed. There are various interests that can lead public opinion into a signal that the organization is in an unstable condition. Of course, the role of public relations should be quickly responsive in analyzing and evaluating issues that develop.