There are two suspension systems used Range Rover Evoque ie Magne Ride and Coil Spring. The most obvious difference between the two types of suspension is in the shock breaker. In the Magne Ride system, the suspension uses a magnet that serves to adjust the level of suspension hardness automatically based on road conditions. This system is susceptible to disturbing sound effects such as the thundering sound when passing through holes or sleeping cops. Make sure that the Range Rover Evoque you purchased is already using Coil Spring or exactly 2013-2015 production. However, if you prefer to rent a Range Rover instead of buying one, we recommend you to check out the best range rover rental London.

The Engine

For those of you diesel lovers and want to buy a Range Rover Evoque diesel, make sure the exhaust emissions are EURO 4 down. If it turns out that EURO 5 is already using diesel particulate filter (DPF). When you refuel that still EURO 2, in the long run, can clog the exhaust channels. Its features are the non-powered engine and the DPF indicator illuminates on the instrument panel. As for gasoline engine that must be checked is cooling system especially water pump and damper pulley for initial production (2012).

Steering System

Do a test drive before buying and feel the steering wheel and make sure it is in normal condition. One way is there is no strange sound phenomenon. This can be more easily checked because the Range Rover Evoque already using Electric Motor Power Steering system.


The basic thing you should consider when purchasing a used Range Rover Evoque is to note the vehicle’s frame number or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) contained on the lower left windshield. Then check with the official Jaguar Land Rover dealer to ask the service advisor as to whether to buy from APM or General Importer. In addition, also check the warranty period is out or not?

Periodic Care History

In Asia, there are not many general workshops expertly working on special cars like Land Rover including Range Rover Evoque. Find a vehicle that has a history of care in an authorized workshop. Make sure that the car’s care is done well in the official workshop. Selling value will be higher when car owners diligently service to authorized workshops.