When we want to choose what kind of espresso machine from the always-coffee will stand firmly on the bar table, all the decision is up to us. Either a large espresso machine or a simple espresso machine is not too big. Maybe to consider this, of course, we have to see what our coffee shop space is like, do we think a large espresso machine will harmonize with the small interior of the room. However, that does not mean that a large size espresso machine cannot be matched with a small space many coffee shops throughout the countries use large espresso machines for their small coffee shops.

In choosing a coffee machine is important to know how much water capacity can the boiler hold for later as a supply of brewed water to make a cup of espresso when shot. In general, the growing assumption of a large boiler capacity must be equipped with a capable brewed water heater, this is related to the time efficiency when making espresso. If the boiler is large but the heating is inadequate, it may take a long time to prepare the water at the right temperature for one shot of espresso. It is not only boiler capacity that is considered, boiler material materials are also taken into consideration.

Usually what is often found in boiler materials is made of aluminum, brass, copper, copper and brass, and stainless steel. Among the boiler materials, they have their respective advantages and disadvantages. But in short, this difference lies in the fluctuation of the hot temperature of the water when it is flowed from the boiler, the problem of how fast the water heats is not that different. Discuss or find out what kind of ingredients are good for the espresso machine we are going to use. Then what about the safety valve in the boiler, this is also taken into account, it is very lucky if before buying an espresso machine you can see the inside of the espresso machine.