Many factors are the cause of AC leaking freon. Some of them can be because the AC used is too long so that it is damaged, or it can also be due to lacking us when installing or installing the AC. In some cases, the level of leakage varies. Starting from reasonable, medium, to severe. Naturally in the sense that can still be tolerated, for example, freon decreases after seven months or a year since the installation, or the last time was filled. So make sure you call englewood ac service to maintain your AC.

While it can be said by AC leaking freon in the medium level, namely Freon AC runs out after three to six months after the air conditioner is installed or filled with the freon from empty. Well, if it’s severe, the AC freon will run out after one to two days, or can even be faster since the freon is filled into the cooling machine unit. One problem arising from the leaky freon AC is the freon pressure becomes reduced, resulting in the air conditioner not being cold. We can know this with the following characteristics:

The appearance of ice flowers in the installation pipe. No heat temperature comes out in the outdoor unit section. Freon leakage on AC can occur by several possibilities, some of them are like we will mention below. The cause of the air conditioner leaks freon the first can because the installation pipe connection is not perfect. This can be because the bolt is not played faster, so the freon leaked from the gap of the bolt.

It can also be due to imperfect welding when connecting the installation pipe. Please note, refrigerant or freon in the form of gas so that if there is the slightest gap, of course, it can escape or exit to free air. Therefore, make sure we connect pipes both during welding or using bolts, we do it carefully so that the results are maximal. Don’t forget to always check and test afterward.