Perhaps, in the beginning, we can call leads as followers or subscribers. However, leads are an asset that is very valuable for your business. And that determines whether your business can generate further Conversions. You must know the things that determine the quality of the leads. If you now invest in Motivated Seller Leads service, you will get more chance to find the potential sellers. Somehow, you must also know that it takes time and more effort.

Most businesses have the purpose of collecting Lead lists to prioritize Quantity over Quality. This can be a problem because according to them Leads are their main goal. Remember that taking Lead is not the end of your business goals and that your business goal should be to produce a customer that really produces sales, right?

Often cases that show a lack of proper use of a Lead occur in most marketers, in a B2B model (business to business) for example, if in a company there are two divisions namely marketer and sales. Often mistakes made by marketers who feel that the Leads are already many, immediately “throw” the Leads on the Sales to follow up. Even though many of these leads have not yet been identified, the Quality, and after the Sales Party conducted a follow-up, there were not many sales that occurred (or even none at all). So that both parties, namely sales and marketing, began to lose confidence in the partner’s division.

Even because of such poor communication sometimes the opposite happens. Because of the lack of sales confidence in the Lead that has been obtained by the Marketing division. Sales also follow perfunctorily, or not serious, even though the leads obtained by the marketing division are leads that are eligible for sale, and must be followed up quickly and seriously.