Every man must have testosterone hormone and this hormone is very important for the function of sexuality in men so that its presence becomes the most important needs. When a man goes to adolescence, the production of this hormone increases and after becoming an adult male, around age 30, then the production of this hormone begins to decline. Usually, the hormone testosterone produced in sufficient quantities but along with increasing aging age then the production will decrease. Testosterone is very important in its presence in the male body, one of them for the reproductive system and also has a function as the formation of bone density and muscle formation. Testosterone is also a supporter of secondary male sexual signs such as the growth of feathers such as whiskers and beard. Testes are the place to produce testosterone that also produces the adrenal glands but testosterone produced in the adrenal glands is only a small part. When a man goes to adolescence, testosterone works in the formation of sounds, beard and some fur on the body. To fulfill this hormone formation process, it is better you can take supplements from us testogen which you can get by buying online from our website. You do not have to worry about testogen side effects because this product is guaranteed quality and guaranteed so you do not have to hesitate to buy and consume this supplement.

In the reproductive system, the hormone testosterone will help the formation of male-sex males and when a boy begins to grow a teenager then in the body is able to produce testosterone in considerable amounts. Testosterone will trigger the testes to produce sperm so that a man with testosterone deficiency in their sperm production will be reduced and potentially impulsive. This hormone also encourages puberty is a symptom of physical changes, the growth of hairs on the body. The fine hairs will begin to grow thick on the hands, feet, armpits and not infrequently grow in the chest of men. In addition, the body will also begin to form muscles and on the other hand will encourage sexual desire is very large, testosterone is also able to make the formation of bones and muscles. On the other hand, this hormone is useful for burning fat in the body’s metabolism.