The busyness of everyday life cannot be an excuse for you not to clean the house. Instead of letting the house get dirty, it’s better to do a more practical cleaning method, saves time and effort. Of course, equipment to support cleaning activities must be adjusted according to the need to be efficient and practical. One of the things you should consider when buying a vacuum cleaner is the suction power of the product. This suction power is usually written in watts. The greater the number listed, the stronger the suction power of the product. This is also important if you have a thick carpet, so you need to choose the best vacuum for shag carpet.

However, the ability to suck dust and dirt can not only be seen from the suction power. You should also check the performance of the heads and brushes of your chosen product. You should use some of these things as a guide when choosing the products you need. Not many people know that the best vacuum cleaners have different abilities that only feel more than vacuum cleaners. This is judged by how strong and filterable the vacuum is. Currently, the type of vacuum cleaner in circulation is the type of vacuum cleaner to suck dry dust. While the type of vacuum cleaner that is quite rarely available is the type of vacuum cleaner for wet vacuum. This type of vacuum cleaner cannot be used to dry carpets.

There are also types of vacuum cleaners with dual capabilities that can suck dry dust and wet dust. This type of vacuum cleaner has a dust collector in the form of a tank that can be emptied at any time. Although the shape looks the same as the motorhead, the turbine head has a different working mechanism. The turbine head works by rotating the brush inside the head with wind power. Therefore, you can simply use the turbine head to clean the floor. The price is quite affordable when compared to the motorhead. This one head moves the brush in the engine with motor power. You can use this type of head to clean carpets, floors, and others. Apart from having a strong suction power, some products can move forward automatically by simply pressing the ON button.