Already feeling frustrated with the hedgehog nose and the big pores that make your face look rough? Simply get used to this simple lifestyle and get the pores of your face get smaller. You can also visit our website to get Photon Beauty Devices that can help you not only to handle big pores but also can help you from the extremely oily skin, acne and many more.

1. Avoid Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight too often can enlarge your pores. How? UV rays will enter the skin and attack the collagen and elastin thus making the skin thinning. This thin skin will certainly make the pores more visible and enlarged. Always use sunscreen or sunblock when outdoors.

2. Frequently Cleaning Pores of Blackheads and Dirt

Clogged pores are a major cause of enlarged facial pores. You’d better write that on your note. So, be sure to always clean the blackhead and white head that clog the pores of your face on a regular basis. Do regular scrub treatments or you can try to make natural recipes to make your own pore strips at home. Do not forget also to clean your face at night before bed and after exercise to dust and dirt do not clog pores.

3. Clay Mask Care Routinely

The pore of the face free of dirt and blackheads clogs is the key of tight pores, and clay mask is one of the excellent way to remove impurities. The mud will break through the clogged pores and lift the dirt from the inside so your pores will be clean and shrink.

4. Try the Egg White Mask

Egg white mask is also powerful to shrink the pores. Egg whites can tighten your skin as well as tighten pores.

5. Stop punching blackheads and pimples!

Try the simplest method to stop picking! Trauma caused by your bad habits punching blackheads and pimples can cause the pores to get bigger and harder to shrink back. Therefore, stop punching your face yes if you want small pores.