For those of you who like to make cakes, you may be familiar with cream on a birthday cake that can be formed in various ways. However, sometimes you don’t know what whipped cream nangs delivery Melbourne you’re using because there are so many different types of cream. One of them is whipping cream.

Whipping cream, also known as whipped cream, is thick cream made from 30 percent milk fat. This cream is usually whipped using a mixer until it is bright white and stiff. Whipping cream is usually sold in liquid and powder form which is then mixed with ice water before being whipped.

Liquid whipping cream usually has a taste that tends to be savory and not so sweet, while powdered whipping cream tends to be sweet. In terms of durability, whipping cream powder is much more durable in texture at room temperature. In a sense, the cream is not easy to melt back. While liquid whipping cream tends to melt easily at room temperature.

Excessive consumption of whipping cream is known to increase the risk of dementia, breast cancer and prostate cancer. In addition, the calorie content is also quite high, so it has the potential to exceed daily calorie needs. In order to consume whipping cream in a healthy manner, it is recommended to limit its consumption to a maximum of 20 grams per day. The saturated fat content in it should only meet a maximum of 7-10% of the total food consumed in a day.

In conclusion, whipping cream is a dairy product that is high in calories but also rich in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. The consumption is safe, as long as it’s not excessive. Usually, this whipped cream product is used in small amounts as a food or drink mixture, so you don’t have to worry if you consume it in sufficient portions. This whipping cream has many uses, you can use it as a mixture of various dessert recipes and contemporary drinks that are trending.