Citric acid is known as one of the reactivos quimicos analysis materials used in various chemical laboratories. Together with other reagent analysis materials, citric acid is considered capable of separating molecules in certain materials. But besides being used as an analysis of reactivos quimicos, citric acid has other benefits that can be used in everyday life.

Citric acid can actually be found in various types of fruits and vegetables, but the high amount of citric acid is usually found in citrus fruits including lime and kaffir lime. There are no side effects from the use of citric acid either on food or on drinks. This is what makes the use of citric acid very much because citric acid is used in various ways. Some of the uses of citric acid that are often used include:

– Used as a food preservative
The most commonly used citric acid is as a food preservative. This is because citric acid does not have an adverse effect on health. Citric acid can be a preservative because the acid content in it can function to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Citric acid can also function to maintain the color of food by reducing the turbidity of color in food.

– Used in cosmetic ingredients
Citric acid is also used in making various types of cosmetics including baby equipment, makeup, lipstick, and other cosmetics. This is done because citric acid itself can function to remove fine lines, eliminate wrinkles, remove scars, help repair skin color, remove dead skin cells in the pores, remove pimples, shrink pores, soften and moisturize the skin.

– As a floor cleaner
The function of citric acid is also commonly used in floor cleaning mixes. Citric acid can bind minerals making it easier to clean the floor. In addition, citric acid can also function to eradicate bacteria and also germs on the floor.