Boilers are one of the most important machines for various sectors, especially in the industrial sector. Therefore, it is very important to know more about this machine. This time, we will share information about 3 of the 9 calderas pitotubulares components.

The following is an explanation of Superheater, Water Heater, and Dust Collector:


It is a steam drying place because the steam coming from the steam drum is still wet so it cannot be used. The advanced heating process uses a superheater pipe which is heated at a temperature of 260 ° C to 350 ° C. With this temperature, steam will become dry and can be used to drive turbines and other equipment.

Water Heater

This component is a device that functions to heat the air used to blow the fuel so that it can burn perfectly. The air to be exhaled, before passing through the air heater has the same temperature as the normal air temperature (outside temperature) which is 38 ° C. However, after going through the air heater, the air temperature will increase to 230 ° C so that it can be used to remove the water content contained therein because water vapor can disrupt the combustion process.

Dust Collector

This section serves to capture or collect ash that is in the flow of combustion to the dust that is included in the exhaust gas. The advantage of using this tool is that the combustion gases are discharged into the air free of dust content. The reason is not different because residue can dirty the air in the encompassing condition, and expects to lessen the possibility of damage to the equipment due to the friction of ash and sand.

That’s it for the info regarding the boiler machine that we can share with you this time. Although this article is quite simple and short, we still hope it helps you to know more about this important machine.