The easy sketch pro 3.0 is software that we can use to make animated designs on a white background very easily. Maybe some of you already know what whiteboard animation is? Well, whiteboard animation is a communication medium created by the sender to the recipient of the sign through symbols on the whiteboard animation. With symbols such as words, sentences accompanied by pictures and audiovisuals, it will help the recipient of the sign easily understand what the sender wants to order. To see examples of whiteboard animation is not that difficult because nowadays many people and business use this type of videos to promote business or as a presentation.

Because sketch pro is a multifunctional software, that is, its use can be used for various purposes. Starting from language, philosophy education, we can see it in the whiteboard animation with video presentations. With the whiteboard animation video, we can present something that is not too long. We can present our feelings along with images that will clarify the communication system between the sender and receiver of the sign. So then what is the use of whiteboard animation videos further? Before a developer completes their work to the public, they first have a background on why he should make the software for the general public.

For people who don’t know, to make whiteboard animation, they might think that they have to be good at design, photoshop, Dreamweaver and anything related to animation. However, with the presence of easy sketch pro, this supposed criterion can be refuted. To more clearly know what uses if we try this software are as follows:

– It can be used for online business purposes. Marketing ideas can be applied.
– It can be used for educators or teachers or lecturers as an introduction to learning.
– Suitable for your presentation needs.
– Demonstrate the ability to think and combine them through animated videos. And there are many more experiments that we can use with this software.