When you have decided to dive into SEO, you need to consider a user-friendly interface. Ideally, you can choose the format of the image before posting. Some of the formats that are often used include JPG or JPEG, GIF in the form of moving images, and there is also PNG. In the meantime, if you don’t have the time to manage the images of your website by yourself, we suggest you use the best easy online marketing tips.

Here are 3 image size formats for SEO friendly content

JPEG Size Format

The first format for SEO-friendly image sizes is the JPEG size format. This format is known as the most used format because it has the best rate among the others. Usually, this JPEG size format is used on this type of digital photography site. But also not infrequently used for an ordinary site. Most practitioners of internet content writers, such as bloggers, also use this size format with various types.

PNG Size Format

PNG format is mostly used as a medium for images and photos that are transparent in the background. PNG format is also widely used as a logo for a site with a fairly large file size compared to JPG. When the PNG size format is edited by compressing it to the lowest size, the resulting image is less comfortable to look at.

PNG format is often referred to as an SEO-friendly image because this image format pays great attention to subtlety and good color depth. You can use the PNG image format as an image extension which has a very good level of quality.

GIF Size Format

The GIF file format has the smallest size compared to other formats. In the past, this format was only used as a logo, but now the GIF format is also widely used as an animated file for an image that can move. Even in the last few years, since social media has mushroomed and is widely used by internet users, image files in the GIF format are also used on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Telegram. With its small size, it definitely won’t take up the availability of storage capacity, either on gadgets or other devices that you use for activities in cyberspace.