Do you want to plant, but there is no land? You may want to try growing herbs indoors. Well, now, How to start indoor herb garden effectively? With this, the room not only looks beautiful but you can also use the results of planting herbs for consumption.

To reduce the risk of failure, follow these 5 steps:

1. Choose the right plants

Fortunately, most herbs can be grown pretty easily indoors. You can start from seeds or cuttings that are branches of existing plants. Cut the branches of the branches and soak them in water until new roots sprout.

2. Select a container with drainage

You can grow herbs in almost any container as long as it has some type of drainage. You can use any size container you like as long as it fits the plant, but be aware that the smaller the container, the more troublesome you will be. If you use non-traditional planters such as jars. Make sure to place a layer of gravel at the bottom to catch excess moisture so that your potting soil doesn’t saturate.

3. Choose the sunniest place

Most plants like lots of sunshine. Make sure your herbs get at least six hours of sunshine per day to thrive. To maximize their exposure, place the plants as close to your brightest windows as possible. The bright light from a south-facing window is best. Avoid placing it in the center of the room or near a window with northern exposure.

4. Do not flush herbs with too much water

You will be surprised at how little water is needed to sustain your herbs. To ensure your plants thrive, keep the soil moist, but not flooded. If the leaves begin to wilt or turn yellow, reduce the water.

5. Harvest little by little

Harvest a few stalks with kitchen shears or by pinching the leaves with your fingers. Regular cuts encourage new growth. Avoid removing more than a quarter of the plant at once as this will cause discomfort and can even kill the plant.