Often you think of walls how to look better. If there is a new project and you think about home, you can consult with the architect who made the design. Stone walls can be a solution to certain areas of the house, thus providing an attraction that is more than just plain wall paint. There are several types of stone to coat the walls and variations in shades and colors. What needs to be considered is the area for covering it, the dimensions, the style of the house, and the design of the room. For example, in an area that is too small, it is filled with very rustic or large elements. Aside from that, if you wish to consult with the experts of stone walls, then perhaps you can call the most trusted rock walls construction company near your area.

Here are 3 inspirations for stone wall decorations for you:

1. Beautiful wall coated with flagstone

Narrow and thin flagstone, you can place it flat on the floor and wall. But how to place stones on this type of wall is horizontal so that it shows a narrow profile. The combination of rock nuances can have an interesting effect on the walls and construction of the house.

2. The entrance area of the house is bright with stone walls

A modern house with an entrance area filled with clear glass doors is lined with rocks, making the texture so charming that it contrasts with neutral colors. Not only that but the silver texture of the pots on the floor also further beautifies the room. Walls in areas like this enhance the impression of the area thanks to bright colors. The proportion of the room is also right, if the wall is given a dark color, this area will actually appear narrower.

3. Stone walls with a niche in the bathroom

This bathtub with whirlpool is designed with a niche that has lighting. The interesting thing is the texture created by stone. The recess inside the wall is covered with fine rock elements. The combination of several types of materials as well as different styles, textures and colors is the detail that is taken into account in the design and decoration of the house.