For men, the hormone testosterone is the most important hormone in their body. Therefore, these hormones will affect some aspects of their bodies. For that, usually, they will maintain or even increase the hormone in their bodies. One that can be done is to consume herbal testosterone booster. With these supplements, you will feel calm when taking it because it will not cause side effects on your body.

In addition to taking these supplements, there are several types of foods that you can consume in order to increase the hormone testosterone in your body. Some of these foods are

1. Eggs
Eggs are a source of protein and cholesterol. As it is known that testosterone formed from the synthesis process between cholesterol and protein which is also a formers hormone important in the body. Eggs are the most natural food smiles, and levels of cholesterol in eggs are not as harmful to the body as most people imagine. You can consume eggs at breakfast.

2. Red Meat
Red meat is lean meat and is a perfect source of food. Because, red meat contains protein, paint iron, magnesium, and zinc are good for the body. Meat contains two important substances that play a direct role in optimizing the levels of testosterone and body muscle formation, namely protein and zinc.

3. Oysters
Oysters contain more zinc than other food sources. Just eating a few small oysters a day can give a seven-fold effect of zinc, which in turn plays an important role in muscle growth and testosterone. In fact, there have been several studies showing that a supplement containing zinc will make a significant increase in the amount of testosterone and also make a person’s appearance much better.

4. Honey
Honey is a natural source of chrysin, a type of bioflavonoid that is shown as a potential flavor retardant. Athletes usually use testosterone boosting supplement with the reason for being able to inhibit the enzyme taste. So that the amount of testosterone that will be converted into estrogen will be less.