Buildings built with steel material open the door to many possibilities. Whatever you build, office buildings, places of worship, shopping buildings or airplane hangars, steel materials provide flexibility in design. Many people are not aware that steel frames are available in various types of frames, which are tailored to the existing project design. For companies and organizations that are looking for easy and practical ways in construction work, the structure with steel material is the right choice. Meanwhile, perhaps you must call the Special Inspections in Ontario CA if you want to evaluate the result of your steel construction project.

There are several types of steel frame structures that are suitable for small or large projects. Identifying each type will help the company to choose which one to buy and use, or decide to use the services of contractors who understand more about this.

Here are the types of steel frame available to real estate owners:

Gable Symmetrical – A building with a ridge in the middle and two slopes next to it. Suitable for large halls and warehouses.

Gable Symmetrical – A building with a ridge that is not right in the middle and two slopes beside it. Suitable for warehouses and other storage facilities.

Single Slope Building – A building with a slope in one direction, from one wall to the opposite wall. Most often used for buildings that only consist of one or several floors.

Lean-To – A structure that rests on one side of an existing building. Suitable if you want to add a roof or a simple structure on one side of an existing building.

Long Bay – Produces clean, spacious, uncluttered interiors, and is perfect for production, warehouse, distribution, or retail facilities that require large empty areas with little support poles.

Hybrid Structures – Hybrid structures combine the efficiency of prefabricated construction with the strength of conventional steel structures. The hybrid structure meets the desire to have a building with high supporting strength but with an efficient design.