Archery is really an exciting, challenging, and fun sport. However, it is very unfortunate, this sport is still classified as exclusive for the people of several countries. Archery learning sites for the general public are still small, and the fees for the course are still relatively expensive. If you want to be able to shoot well, it’s actually not difficult. But the main challenges are calmness, patience, and perseverance to continue learning. For beginners like me, there are at least nine steps so that we can shoot well. Apart from that, perhaps you also want to check out the cool archery trick shots.

Archery techniques for beginners are basically nine steps, such as:

1. Stand

The stand is “Attitude/position of feet on the floor or ground.

2. Nocking

Nocking is: “Move to place an arrow in the nocking point on the bow’s rope then place the shaft on the arrow rest. Furthermore, it is followed by putting the fingers for pulling on the rope and the archer ready to pull the rope. “

3. Lift the extend arm

Extend is: “The movement of lifting the bow arm is shoulder height and the hand pulling the rope is ready to draw the rope.”

4. Pulling the Bow (drawing)

Pulling the bowstring (drawing) is: “The archer pulls the bow’s ripe until it comes into contact with the archer’s nose, lips, and chin. Then the archer proceeds by anchoring the hand which pulls the rope on the chin. “There are three interesting movement phases, namely pre-draw, primary draw and secondary draw.

5. Anchoring

Anchoring the anchoring arm is: “The movement anchoring means the hand pulling on the chin.”

6. Tighten

Tighten is: “A state of holding back the archery for a while, after the anchoring phase and right before the arrow is freed”.

7. Aiming

Aiming is: “Movement to direct or attach the point of view (visor) to the center of the target point.”

8. Removing the Rope / Release (release)

The release is: “Movement of removing the bowstring, by relaxing the fingers pulling the rope.”

9. After hold

After the hold is: “An action to maintain momentary archery (a few seconds) after the arrow left the bow. This action is intended to gain control of the archery movement which has been performed.”