So many schools have regular events every year which are not inferior to the event made by famous event organizers. In general, the event was a school art performance dominated by music shows. Even though they are still in school and have minimal experience, many of the teenagers’ work programs deserve to get thumbs up too. Furthermore, if your school has a high budget, you may also want to hire a high-quality 3D Projection Mapping company too. Well, of course, it is not easy to make a successful art performance where these students certainly cannot leave learning activities because that is their main task.

Here are the early steps for holding a school art performance:


The first step is to form a solid event committee. Place people who want to work and make sacrifices for the success of the art show. Involve the teacher, alumni, especially those who are experienced in making art performances, and also parents of students. The last part is usually the one who will help a lot for art performances.

The form of the committee consists of several teams with their respective duties. Core team, event team, fund-finding team, and so on. Schedule regular committee meetings so that the work of each team is controlled.

Determine interesting concepts and themes

Design the concept of art performances as attractive as possible so that they are different from the usual and from other art performances. The concept will determine the character from the art stage to the venue decoration as well. Adjust to the character of your school. Do not contradict. Discuss with the team and the school, and do not be shy to ask for input from outside experts who are more expert.

Collect Sufficient Funds

Without performing arts funds will not work too. But that does not mean that a successful art scene is always the one who poured big funds. Expensive, not necessarily good and cheap, not necessarily cheap. Form a special team of fund seekers and don’t hesitate to ask for help from those who have the opportunity to help as parents. Prepare a proposal for funding assistance or sponsorship that is interesting, clear and contained. Insert the mainstay of performing arts as one of the attractions in the proposal.