Babies are always the center of attention for many people. Now, many parents want to take a picture of their baby at the age of a few days. This is because they do not want to lose the pseudo-expression that their baby is doing. Another reason is that newborns are easier to manage in various poses as long as the poses are still in a safe and comfortable position. Now, there is newborn photography you can choose to help you take a picture of your newborn baby. Actually, there are some techniques in a baby shooting that you should know so that when your baby will be photographed by professional photographers, you also understand how they take the photo.

Some techniques you should know are

1. Watch the Light
For best baby ‘s photo is a natural light from the sun. Usually, taking photos of babies is done during the day because the sunlight is in the very good light. However, do not use sunlight directly because it can give shadow to the photo and is not healthy for baby’s skin. You can use the sunlight on the window to provide good light and will give great results to your photos.

2. Wait for it Smile
When doing a photo on a baby, you may also need to perform a variety of behaviors that can make him laugh. This is so that your baby can smile when you see your behavior and can provide the maximum picture because there are smile in the photo.

3. Use a Simple Background
The best baby photos usually use a very simple background. Professional photographers usually only use the white cloth or other plain cloth to get the best photos from your baby.

4. Just Click
You just need to take a picture of your baby under any circumstances. Do not wait too long for the right expression or pose. Unpredictable baby movements usually make it difficult to get good photos. So, what you do is take a photo of all the positions and expressions they give.